Repairs of defects or deficiencies noted in our original inspection report can be verified by a re-inspection. This can reassure both the buyer and the seller that repairs have been performed satisfactorily. We provide one re-inspection of an inspected property FREE of charge.

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New Construction Phase Inspections

We offer three phase inspections during the building of a new home. A foundation inspection checks the footings and foundation walls. A pre-drywall inspection looks at the components of the home concealed by the finished walls inside and out. These include rough in plumbing, wiring, HVAC components and framing itself. It also includes house wrap and taping of the openings, roofing and insulation. Lastly, the final inspection looks at the finished product.

Peace of Mind Inspections

These may include an inspection of a home prior to the expiration of the one year builder’s warranty. The completed report may aid in getting results from the builder concerning defects noted in the warranty period.  Property owners may wish to have the home or condominium inspected following a storm or other event to be sure all is well or identify where a problem now exists.

Thermal Imaging Camera

We employ Infra-red cameras by “FLIR” to measure temperature differentials in the walls, floors and or ceilings of a home. Differences in the same wall may be able to lead us to moisture intrusion that might not have been noted otherwise. Used indoors and out these tools can prove valuable in locating anomalies that can show us problems. We are Certified Residential Thermographers.

Radon Testing

Home Seal offers Radon testing of residences on request. We place passive devices in the lowest living space in the home. After a period of 3 days we retrieve the test Electrets and a calibrated scanner reads the levels of the passive devices. A full report of the findings is then issued.

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