We inspect resale and new construction of single family, condominium, townhomes, and manufactured homes.  In addition we inspect commercial properties.  We offer four types of inspections:

HOME INSPECTION (Property condition)

A property condition inspection is a thorough visual inspection of all major home systems and appliances following the established ASHI's Standards of Practice. We provide this service to both new and resale homes that are being purchased and for the homeowner who wants reassurance that his property is being maintained correctly. Although not necessary, we encourage the buyer or homeowner to be present so that any questions may be answered on site. We provide a computer generated inspection report on the site, which can be printed and handed to the customer if they are in attendance, or emailed, faxed, or mailed if they are not present.


Radon is a radioactive gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States (first is cigarette smoking).  Radon gas can leak from the ground into a structure.

We test for radon gas by setting Electret Ion Chambers in the lowest living area of a home.  This samples the amount of radon gas coming from the ground.  The film in the chambers is placed in a calibrated reader to determine if the radon levels are safe for habitation. 


We inspect homes which are under construction in three phases. 

1.    The first is when the foundation and rough-in framing has been completed.  We are checking to see if the basic construction of the foundation and framing is correct.

2.    Second is pre-drywall.  This is done to ensure that the electrical and plumbing rough-in work meets good building standards.

3.    And last, is the final inspection to ensure that all work is completed and systems are functioning as they should.